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I want to share some thoughts around the online and digital world of entrepreneurs. In society today
we tend to reach out to the internet with the aim to answer our questions regardless if we are
looking for something specific or not, we do consult the internet with the hopes of giving us that
thing we are looking for upon clicking the search button.
Sometimes we succeed in getting the sanders we are looking for, on our own. And sometimes we get
related adds popping with a similar or related product or service.

The Benefit
Well to be fair it is relatively easy to just open your phones browser and type whatever you are
looking or in there, once your search result comes through you have options to be reviewed and can
decide which option suits you the best.
Accessing the things, you are looking for at a click of a button is a upside to the digital Entrepreneur
as they have the ability to communicate with you without even meeting you face to face as required
in a traditional business environment. Digital Entrepreneurship if you get it right is the key in
effective communication with the market. As a digital entrepreneur it is important to understand
what the needs of the consumer is, before you communicate it in the digital work of marketing and
being an entrepreneur.
From the consumer point of view, the benefit comes to a continues waterfall of things on your
everyday internet scrolls or adds being displayed however this can be overwhelming as you don’t
want to be bombarded with adds about dippers because you were searching for “the best gift for my
friends 1year old birthday” No. Or perhaps that was exactly what you were looking for?
Your reaction, or the consumers reaction to these adds ultimately triggers if the digital
entrepreneurs are in the right place with what they are communicating to the market.

The Sweet Spot
Being able to communicate effectively with your target market will ultimately drive your success as a
digital entrepreneur, through various different ways research can be conducted to understand the
market better, of the “Digital” topic, a conversation with client in the market or a conversation with
a consumer in the market can change the perspective of the digital marketer and how to approach
the consumer the next time round.
Back to a Digital perspective, even though we all are on the internet and use allot of AI to determine
what the markets will do, coming to understand that the key factor is we are still communicating
with human beings on the other side of the screen. Finding this sweet spot in expressing true
connections and why Delphic X will be a preferred supplied of digital services in the market.

The online presence of our clients is important and we build relationships not only sales. Being able
to communicate this strategy to the market is why Delphic X stands out.
Finding the sweet spot in digital marketing or digital entrepreneurship is no easy task, but doing it on
foundations of best practices can be the deciding factor for a success story. Together with a lateral
growth experience partnering with Delphic X.

Realistically it ultimately comes down to your budget and spend capacities, there is always a upper
hand if you throw money at what ever you are doing, but there is never a guarantee, doing it over a
longer term with a organic approach is an option yes, but the real question is maybe how big is your
patience threshold?
Investing in your business does not always mean you have to have the biggest budget to throw into
your digital marketing campaigns but something has to give in order for your business to get the
results it deserves.
Outsourcing your workload to us as an example will be beneficial to your business, if managing time,
people and expenses is already taking up your time to deal with the important part of your business
why would you take on more of those responsibilities that take hands with your Digital Experts?
We will have you covered from running your business social media posts, building up
communications list to target organic marketing strategies, setting up your website for optimal
success. Making it the place to be for new and existing clients, managing downtime or maintenance
without any concerns of being offline but being in a comfortable mindset of directing your focus to
what you feel is more important. At Delphic X , we want to create the ease in your mind that your
digital business needs are take care of around the clock.
Data analytics and analysis will determine whether your investment is paying off or can be scaled to
reach greater hights.
Let us take care of building your online presence and client relationships with the consumers.
Or alternatively raise the cots of setting up a department in house to cater for your needs which will
take you back in investing your time, money, energy and effort into people and internal budgets
which we both know is a commitment on its own.
Our packages cater for you to scale and grow of downscale and maintain any digital strategy. Let’s
make the connections and engage to review your digital business options so that you can make an
informed decision for your business.

Digital Entrepreneurship is an important factor and if you are a solo digital marketer or have a
business website actively running to excite new clients to join your service-based business or
purchase your products, the responsibility becomes consistent engagement and by neglecting the
responsibility will result in no consistency of your digital presence.

One thing is for sure that the internet is full of all sorts of stuff, consumers get excited about one
thing now and the next you know that thing is history in the next day or two.
Consistency will determine whether your potential customers are excited to see your presence and
keep on engaging with you in their social media feeds or weather you don’t build that relationship
with them at all.
Building a relationship through consistent connection with the consumer market builds loyalty with
the customers in the same go, why not make use of that opportunity? Let’s take hands and establish
the connection with the market together.

We share information with each other and we communicate, that is how communication plays a role
in the society. Effective communication however should be the main focus as no one will listen to
what you have to say without them understanding why you are saying it.
What ever your reason is for communication make sure that you communicate clearly why you are
in communication with the market. In today’s online society the users or consumers have a allot of
filters up which clarifies their judgement and make a decision based on that.
if your communications spit out senseless information just to get someone to buy off you, you may
not succeed in the way you want but understanding the market, getting into the sweet spot using
the gathered information to your benefit in a consistent and effectively communicate it back to the
consumer may change the success of your message.

Digital Entrepreneurship has many other benefits to share, which we will do over time on this
section and in this Blog, stay tuned and have a pro-active digital entrepreneurial journey!

We will see you around!

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